• Audience Engagement and Grassroots Mobilization

Our web and app platforms empower you to engage with your audience through Issues and Polls. Poll results are available in real-time and can be weighted to audience benchmarks if requested!

You can poll targeted audiences – either your list or our user base – to obtain real-time feedback. We can weight results to audience benchmarks, if requested.

With Issues, you can raise awareness for your agenda, notify your followers of events or petitions – and collect analytics about these engagements (who, when, where).

Since your users are on the platform, taking other polls and crowdsourcing Issues, you can analyze what is being said by your followers, in real time.

  • Earned Media Polling

We regularly conduct representative nationwide polling with the goal of earned media for our customers. These polls are conducted using our user base panel. Our polls have been covered by the New York Times, Fivethirtyeight, Huffington Post, Daily Kos and other industry leaders.

  • Data Analytics

Our analytics dashboard (coming soon) puts you in the “driver’s seat” to analyze and visualize data from Issues and Polls. Results can be broken down by demographics, geography, attitudes and behavior.

For earned media polling, we deliver toplines, crosstabs, SPSS data file and reporting in Keynote or PowerPoint if requested.